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Imagine lazing on a beach with John Cleese.


Imagine Michael inviting you to a party at his house.


Imagine Eric comforting you after a bad breakup with someone.

I would like to read a short fanfic of yours w…

I would like to read a short fanfic of yours with John X Mike ♡

Your wish is my command, darling! I’m happy you requested this pairing; I haven’t seen this one in a while. It’s as short as I could do, I hope you’ll like it!


Passing the most crowded part of the Greenwich park unspotted, John could finally relax at one of the benches right under a big chestnut, which leaves wouldn’t stop falling on John’s head.

“You’ve got… sowt in your disheveled hair,” John heard the familiar voice of the other comedian and quickly shook his head, so that the inanimate invaders fell on the ground covered in more colourful leaves.

John stood up and though he hesitated for a moment, he gave Michael a hug. Then they both sat down. “So, how’s it going? Everything okay?

"It’s good, as I always say,” Michael answered, the question catching him off guard. John never really cared about those things, for he absolutely despised small talks. But there he was, speaking in that strict authoritative tone, asking about Michael.

They talked about what they did last few months and complimented each other’s career (mainly Michael) and the younger felt they found again the connection they lost after the separation of the troupe.

Then John laid out the question he’s been wanting to ask for a while. “Do you think we’ll be up to another Monty Python movie?”

Michael stopped to think. “No, I don’t think so. Jonesy’s working on his new project, so that will take some time to think through. We’re not done with the work there yet. Eric will be surely off somewhere with his band. Gilliam is taking time for his movie Time Bandits. And Graham won’t stay at home with his partner!”

“That’s true… I don’t have much to do now, when Fawlty Towers is finished.” John pondered out loud. “Do you think Gra is more happy than us with his man?”

“I would say so; they’re doing so many activities together!”

“Meanwhile we’re sitting in a park, talking shop.”

“Oh, come on, you have to be happy for him. You know him much longer than I do, so you must know how difficult for him it must’ve been.”

“One thing I envy him; he’s into men and men are easy to trap. You promise them a shag and they’ll do awt.” He enjoyed the faux-shocked face Michael did.

“Do you really think it’s easy to get a man?” Michael asked with a grin to which John stubbornly nodded.

“Watch, how exactly easy,” Michael said and in one swift motion swung his arm behind John, moved closer and pressed his lips to John’s.

If there were someone watching the pair, they would think that they’re so different. Well, why not now switching to something completely different? thought John and with a smile, he returned the kiss Michael was offering him.


Imagine sitting in the audience on a filming session and making Michael laugh.


Imagine playing truth or dare with the Pythons.


Imagine teaching John how to dance.


Imagine listening to a music record with Graham.


Imagine taking a silly photo with Michael and Terry.


Imagine going to the pub and Eric and his band is playing here to entertain you.