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Imagine lazing on a beach with John Cleese.


Imagine playing truth or dare with the Pythons.


Imagine teaching John how to dance.

Imagine opening a wardrobe only to reveal all the Pythons…

Imagine opening a wardrobe only to reveal all the Pythons waiting for you.

Imagine going camping with Monty Python and you forget to bring…

Imagine going camping with Monty Python and you forget to bring your tent, so you have to share it with your favourite Python.

There is a way to tell that your spirit animal is…

Terry Jones: energic, always positive, dissentious, perfectionist, grammar nazi, stubborn, a fan of history and language (or more focused on humanistic subjects), passionate about everything you do, a kid at heart, you love stupid and simple jokes

John Cleese: single-minded, disciplined, sometimes shy, realist, accountable, strict, interested in Maths and Physics, bossy in a way, manipulator, full of new ideas, you have dark sense of humour

Eric Idle: music lover, cheeky, loner, economical thinker, insecure about yourself, many friends – only a few true friends, subtle, can’t finish anything , puns are frequently used

Graham Chapman: crazy in a good way, chaotic, irresponsible, jovial, intellectual, you like to shock, a geezer, lazy, unreconciled with yourself, keen on dirty jokes

Michael Palin: nice, pleasant, pliant, a great friend, it’s difficult to say no , a gentleman, timid, easy to work with, you hold grudges, a tad loony, original, you love other cultures and smart jokes

Terry Gilliam: creative, imaginative, you feel like you don’t belong, a pessimist, misunderstood, full of unusual drafts, rigorous, a fighter, self-confident, hardworking, you love riddles

Imagine the Pythons being your teachers

John Cleese is the strict information-giver, who tries to help you learning by associations.

Graham Chapman is the wise teacher with quite the experience, even though he’s still particulary young. He would love to help you, when you struggle with life choices.

Michael Palin is the well-versed comedian, who likes to hear stories of his students particularly you.

Terry Jones is the quite inactive one with passion for languages and literature (you go to him and talk about books, because you know he’s a completely different person, when conversing about books).

Tetry Gilliam is the bouncy hippie, who wants all of his students to have a motivation for each of their action.

Eric Idle is the musical type, usually cool and laid-back, with whom you can discuss modern trends without worries, because he’s friend with everybody.

Happy National Friends Day! Knowing each other almost fifty…

Happy National Friends Day!

Knowing each other almost fifty years… That’s awfully nice, isn’t it?


Imagine Monty Python pulling pranks on each other during the April Fool’s Day:

Graham: would scare the other Pythons by unexpectedly appearing, shouting: “Boo” in the process
Terry J.: would be putting up signs with “Kick me” on the others’ backs
Michael: would cover his hand in a colour and reach for the others’ faces, then quickly apologises
Eric: would playfully slap others really hard, going mainly for shoulders, chest and bottom
John: would glue a penny to the floor and wait, until someone tries to pick it up
Terry G.: wouls slip caricatures of the other Pythons in their scripts