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I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you for mak…

I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you for making it the beautiful thing it is! 😄 If you have the time, I'd love an imagine/one-shot with Jonesy, maybe about the post you made earlier where he helps you write an essay and you end up in his arms. Thank you so much!!

My, my! Thank you SO much, dear, for your message; it always encourages one to keep a blog alive 🙂 There you have your imagine; I hope you don’t mind the loong wait at that you find it worth it!


The class
ended and you groaned involuntarily, your head hitting the desk. You narrowly
missed your thick English books. That
would certainly hurt less than that bloody essay,
you thought as you
gathered your surroundings and made your way towards the door. You felt a hand
on your shoulder.

“So, Y/N,
have ya thought about the assignment already? I think it’s terrific! It’s an
English class and we’ve only got one writing so far. There should be more works
like this, don’t ya think?” your classmate, Terry Jones, asked, filled with

You sighed.
You had always admired Terry’s sense for languages and wished it was that easy
for you as well, since it was a problem for you to write a simple book report. “I
wish for less humanistic subjects, if I have to be completely honest.”

Terry saw
your frown and immediately thought of an idea. You knew that look – it was an
expression he had plastered on his face when he thought of a truly hilarious
joke or a ground-breaking idea. “You know that I’ve always fancied English.”

Where does this lead us to?”

“I think I
could help ya out with the essay!” You opened your mouth to protest, but Terry
was faster with his objection. “And no buts! It’ll help you raise yer grades
and me with improving my writing. Just come to me dorm at around six and we’ll
sort it out.” Terry gave you a quick wave and left you gaping in the middle of
a corridor with students strolling around you. You couldn’t say you were mad,
though; it was going to be a relief.

Your final
class ended at half past five, so you had time to grab an early dinner at your
favourite pub, go home to prepare all you needed for your writing and then made
a dash for Terry’s dorm.

“Y/N, you’re
here!” he welcomed you with a smile and stepped aside, so you could enter. “Put
yer things on the table next to my bed and I’ll be with ya in a minute. Fancy a
cuppa?” You answered with a nod and set your books and papers where Terry said.

promised, the Welshman arrived soon with a mug and you began writing. Terry had
his paper done in half an hour, while you still struggled with the first
paragraph. When he collected his done essay, he sat down next to you and looked
over your shoulder. “Ah, deary, you can’t start a serious essay with shortened
forms of words. Grab anotha’ paper and let’s start it together, shall we?”

As you
worked though sentences, you grew more and more tired; Terry was quite
short-tempered and he would sometimes have to bite his lip as to not swear
heavily. At one point he suggested to relocate to his bed, so you both could
rest against the pillows and have your legs straightened.

It was a
good idea since the new place began giving you new ideas and soon enough, your
essay was done for good. You neatly arranged all the papers into a folder and
threw it away, sighing in relief. You didn’t even realise that your eyes
started to close involuntarily and that you were slumping against Terry’s shoulder.
You blinked and wanted to lift your head, but Terry’s hand stopped you.

“It’s okay,
just rest. I’ll wake ya up later.” The Welshman bit his lip once again and
lowered his head to give you a kiss in your hair, placing his arms around your
waist. You showed him a shy smile and closed your eyes.    


Imagine lazing on a beach with John Cleese.


Imagine Michael inviting you to a party at his house.

hope you’re okay my love, seems you&rsqu…

hope you’re okay my love, seems you’ve been inactive for awhile so just checking in on you xxx

Aww, thank you, darling, for caring ❤ Yes, I am okay, fortunately! I hope you’re doing good as well! What’s less unfortunate is that I have about ten or eleven requests for stories and I haven’t been able to post them yet! I’m very, very sorry to everyone; your requests are still in the works, don’t worry 😉


Imagine Eric comforting you after a bad breakup with someone.

I would like to read a short fanfic of yours w…

I would like to read a short fanfic of yours with John X Mike ♡

Your wish is my command, darling! I’m happy you requested this pairing; I haven’t seen this one in a while. It’s as short as I could do, I hope you’ll like it!


Passing the most crowded part of the Greenwich park unspotted, John could finally relax at one of the benches right under a big chestnut, which leaves wouldn’t stop falling on John’s head.

“You’ve got… sowt in your disheveled hair,” John heard the familiar voice of the other comedian and quickly shook his head, so that the inanimate invaders fell on the ground covered in more colourful leaves.

John stood up and though he hesitated for a moment, he gave Michael a hug. Then they both sat down. “So, how’s it going? Everything okay?

"It’s good, as I always say,” Michael answered, the question catching him off guard. John never really cared about those things, for he absolutely despised small talks. But there he was, speaking in that strict authoritative tone, asking about Michael.

They talked about what they did last few months and complimented each other’s career (mainly Michael) and the younger felt they found again the connection they lost after the separation of the troupe.

Then John laid out the question he’s been wanting to ask for a while. “Do you think we’ll be up to another Monty Python movie?”

Michael stopped to think. “No, I don’t think so. Jonesy’s working on his new project, so that will take some time to think through. We’re not done with the work there yet. Eric will be surely off somewhere with his band. Gilliam is taking time for his movie Time Bandits. And Graham won’t stay at home with his partner!”

“That’s true… I don’t have much to do now, when Fawlty Towers is finished.” John pondered out loud. “Do you think Gra is more happy than us with his man?”

“I would say so; they’re doing so many activities together!”

“Meanwhile we’re sitting in a park, talking shop.”

“Oh, come on, you have to be happy for him. You know him much longer than I do, so you must know how difficult for him it must’ve been.”

“One thing I envy him; he’s into men and men are easy to trap. You promise them a shag and they’ll do awt.” He enjoyed the faux-shocked face Michael did.

“Do you really think it’s easy to get a man?” Michael asked with a grin to which John stubbornly nodded.

“Watch, how exactly easy,” Michael said and in one swift motion swung his arm behind John, moved closer and pressed his lips to John’s.

If there were someone watching the pair, they would think that they’re so different. Well, why not now switching to something completely different? thought John and with a smile, he returned the kiss Michael was offering him.


Imagine sitting in the audience on a filming session and making Michael laugh.

please please please write a imagine with mich…

please please please write a imagine with michael and graham *-*

Okay! I’m so glad you wrote! 🙂 This one is a little older (that means it was already written some time ago, only I did some correction and cut out unnecessary parts), so I hope you don’t mind! Happy reading!
December 31st. Only an hour and it will be a New Year. Michael sighed and watched the fireworks explode in afar. He leaned on the window sill with left hand, his right hand holding a glass with orange juice.

He could be over there, partying with his friends, but he wanted to remain sober, without pain in his head from drinking too much alcohol the next day (and because he had a flu, but his morals were a tad more important to him).

However, Michael still felt sort of empty. Of course; he was alone at home, but maybe, just maybe, they will come. His mind was blank and he wasn’t going to do anything about it.

Suddenly, he was circled from the back. The man stiffed, but when the person started to whisper in his ear, he immediately relaxed his senses. “It’s only Graham, Michael.”

“I knew you would come,” Michael responded. He smiled, out of the blonde man’s sight, and closing the window, he turned to his partner. “I knew, because you were afraid of me drinking all of your scotch, didn’t you?”

“Oh, you know me so well,” Graham laughed and drew the man even closer to his body. “But on the other hand, I know you well, too. You’re not going to start drinking from day to day.”

“I’m not going to start any habit that belongs to you. I tolerate you, because you’re the best person I could have ever met,” Michael sighed, but held onto Graham tightly.

“And I look refreshing doing that thing with that old smoke pipe of mine,” the blonde responded, a small smile forming on his face. That could warm any frown and Michael was no exception.

“You read my diary!” he suddenly realised and playfully punched Graham in his shoulder.

“Indeed, but try not to, when it’s laying open on our bed,” laughed Graham and snuggled his sharp nose against Michael’s cheek. “I have to know, if you didn’t fall in love with any of our friends. I hear Terry talking about you all the time.”

“Well, you shouldn’t have kissed me the other day in the studio. Eric was constantly laughing at us, John was talking about not dating anyone and distracting yourself from work and… so on and so on. But Terry was the good guy, as always. Not forcing himself onto me, kind of shy about asking questions about me and you and always happy. I’m thinking right now; how come that we all didn’t kill him for his ability to lead us yet?” Chuckling, Michael sat on their bed and watched Graham taking off his tie.

“You said it; he’s the good guy and we couldn’t have the group without Terry. We’re all funny bastards and he’s matching our personality with his occasional arguments with John. I… I actually don’t think you’ve witnessed one of their squabbles about a sketch. ”

“Well, you know Terry; constantly trying to put his ideas in the first place.”

Graham took off the upper part of his suit and sat on the bed next to Michael. “Jones is one bloody bastard sometimes. He sure is kind and understanding, but you, as my partner, I’m confessing that he propositioned me that one time. After we had done the sketch about the football match…”

“Oh, I remember! Me falling on Eric in an embrace and you had to kiss Jonesy! What a pity I couldn’t catch it. I was outside with John, when you were filming it. He said he would do it instead of you, but I don’t think he would be capable of doing such a thing as kissing other man.”

“You’re a smart one.” Graham laid down on the bed, sighing. “I know why I chose you, darling.”

“Don’t call me darling, you know I don’t fancy nicknames!” When Michael saw the blond smile, he realised that he was using mockery on him. “Want to get me angry, Chapman, eh?”

“I sure as well don’t want to, Palin,” responded Graham and pulled Michael down on him. They exchanged a few tender kisses, Michael never unlocking their fingers apart. After that, the brown-haired man let his head rest on the blonde’s chest, listening to the sound of his heart.

“You’re quite comfortable, but I have to put on sowt, what I can sleep in.” Michael stood up, slipped into comfortable trousers and a white shirt and went back to bed only to be stopped by Gray.

“Do you want to go to bed right now? There’s only a while remaining until New Year and you want to go and sleep through it?”

He laid down and pressed the bedsheets under his chin. It was December after all and it was cold as never before. “What if I said yes to all of your questions?”

“Then you know what’s coming next.” Graham said with a hint of warning in his voice.

“You always sound like that and the only thing I get is a-” Graham pulled Michael close and cut him off by placing his lips on Michael’s delicate ones. He, of course, predicted the blond’s actions, but still, it was a sensation he wanted to feel as long as possible. Graham kissed him long enough to roll on top of him and he started to unbutton his white shirt. However, he was cut by Michael, slightly pushing him backwards. “Graham, look at the clock; it’s midnight.”

The blond sat up and did as he was told, then turned back to the youngster and smiled. “Glad that I can spend it with you and not the other Pythons again.”

“Is it always that bad? You know I always catch a cold, when cachexias like this are taking place.”

“Just that bad? It is terrible! I try not to get arseholed that much, but John always pushes me. And Eric talks only about George Harrison and how he knows him well. It is more like… a pity party for everyone, only with me as a victim.”

“Oh, come here, poor soul,” replied Michael with a smile and brought Graham to his arms, tightly embracing the blond longer than he expected.

They parted, Graham rolled over to his side of the bed. “What was the hug supposed to mean? It felt like you were going to stand up any minute now.”

“What if you’re true and I’m leaving you for Terry, the Welshman that John doesn’t like very much, but is friends with him anyway?”

“Then good luck with keeping up with his leadership.”

“You’re such a bad example of a friend, you know that?”

“You know me so well. Like I said; I know why I chose you, Mike.” Graham leaned in for another kiss and when Michael responded with a smile, he knew that this man, his friend, is the best gift in his life he could ever ask for. “Happy New Year, Palin.”

Turning to the blonde, Michael took a hold of Graham’s hand. “Happy New Year, Chapman.”


Imagine playing truth or dare with the Pythons.


Imagine teaching John how to dance.