I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you for mak…

I absolutely LOVE your blog! Thank you for making it the beautiful thing it is! 😄 If you have the time, I'd love an imagine/one-shot with Jonesy, maybe about the post you made earlier where he helps you write an essay and you end up in his arms. Thank you so much!!

My, my! Thank you SO much, dear, for your message; it always encourages one to keep a blog alive 🙂 There you have your imagine; I hope you don’t mind the loong wait at that you find it worth it!


The class
ended and you groaned involuntarily, your head hitting the desk. You narrowly
missed your thick English books. That
would certainly hurt less than that bloody essay,
you thought as you
gathered your surroundings and made your way towards the door. You felt a hand
on your shoulder.

“So, Y/N,
have ya thought about the assignment already? I think it’s terrific! It’s an
English class and we’ve only got one writing so far. There should be more works
like this, don’t ya think?” your classmate, Terry Jones, asked, filled with

You sighed.
You had always admired Terry’s sense for languages and wished it was that easy
for you as well, since it was a problem for you to write a simple book report. “I
wish for less humanistic subjects, if I have to be completely honest.”

Terry saw
your frown and immediately thought of an idea. You knew that look – it was an
expression he had plastered on his face when he thought of a truly hilarious
joke or a ground-breaking idea. “You know that I’ve always fancied English.”

Where does this lead us to?”

“I think I
could help ya out with the essay!” You opened your mouth to protest, but Terry
was faster with his objection. “And no buts! It’ll help you raise yer grades
and me with improving my writing. Just come to me dorm at around six and we’ll
sort it out.” Terry gave you a quick wave and left you gaping in the middle of
a corridor with students strolling around you. You couldn’t say you were mad,
though; it was going to be a relief.

Your final
class ended at half past five, so you had time to grab an early dinner at your
favourite pub, go home to prepare all you needed for your writing and then made
a dash for Terry’s dorm.

“Y/N, you’re
here!” he welcomed you with a smile and stepped aside, so you could enter. “Put
yer things on the table next to my bed and I’ll be with ya in a minute. Fancy a
cuppa?” You answered with a nod and set your books and papers where Terry said.

promised, the Welshman arrived soon with a mug and you began writing. Terry had
his paper done in half an hour, while you still struggled with the first
paragraph. When he collected his done essay, he sat down next to you and looked
over your shoulder. “Ah, deary, you can’t start a serious essay with shortened
forms of words. Grab anotha’ paper and let’s start it together, shall we?”

As you
worked though sentences, you grew more and more tired; Terry was quite
short-tempered and he would sometimes have to bite his lip as to not swear
heavily. At one point he suggested to relocate to his bed, so you both could
rest against the pillows and have your legs straightened.

It was a
good idea since the new place began giving you new ideas and soon enough, your
essay was done for good. You neatly arranged all the papers into a folder and
threw it away, sighing in relief. You didn’t even realise that your eyes
started to close involuntarily and that you were slumping against Terry’s shoulder.
You blinked and wanted to lift your head, but Terry’s hand stopped you.

“It’s okay,
just rest. I’ll wake ya up later.” The Welshman bit his lip once again and
lowered his head to give you a kiss in your hair, placing his arms around your
waist. You showed him a shy smile and closed your eyes.