Omg I’ve only just found your blog and I’m in love 😍😍 please please could you write me an imagine involving Michael and Eric? Thank you so much! Xx

Oh my, thank you so much! I love you, too; you just made my day a lot better ♥

I’m terribly sorry I’m late with your imagine. Well, if I understood perfectly, the imagine should be just about Eric and Michael. So, there you are; I hope you’ll enjoy!
Just as Eric was about to say his lines, Graham laughed behind him, letting everyone around corpse, too. They all agreed they needed to pause the filming and so Ian MacNaughton announced a half an hour long break.

First thing on Eric’s mind was to wash his face from sweat, but he stopped when he heard someone calling his name. “Hey, Eric! Do you want to get something to drink?”

The blonde turned to see a rather happy-looking Michael and returned the smile. “Why are you even asking? I hope we’re talking about ‘coffee and smoke’.”

“I wouldn’t even call you otherwise. Let’s go, there’s a jolly good pub just around a corner.” Michael took Eric by his cutaway and Eric had to hold his top hat, so it won’t fall down.

Michael was right; the pub was nice, quiet and the waitress was like a walking sun – smiling from ear to ear. When they got their drinks, they still had fifteen minutes left from their break.

“Well, how’s it going with that new bird of yours?” asked Michael suddenly.

Eric almost choked on the ciggy smoke. “I think… I think it was just a one night stand.”

“She didn’t call you afterwards?”

“Yes.” He took a long drag, then tossed the cigarette to the ashtray. “I think I’m done with girls. One minute they fancy you and in the other, they’re leaving in a hurry.”

“And you expecting chaps to be different?” laughed the slightly younger man.

“Who said I would have ever wanted to go out with chaps?”

“Well, you indicated it. You can always ask Gray out, but I wouldn’t recommend it. You know how he always talks a tad too much about his catches.”

“Right, like I’d want to have sowt with Chapman. Not in his dreams!” Eric looked through the window and saw the clouds getting darker. “We should probably get going. Maybe we won’t get caught by the rain.”

Michael paid for their drinks and caught up with Eric on the road.

“You’re too slow; we’re late already. And I’m not getting back to the subject, so move or move along,” chuckled Eric, his hands in the pockets of his trousers.

Michael, almost running by now, punched him in the shoulder. “Oh, come off it; just one question. Would you date Graham?”

“Not Graham, I’d have to think about a lad,” he responded and took even quicker pace.

Eric wasn’t exactly right; it was already raining heavily, when they came inside the studio, water dripping from both of them. John reminded them that they’re ten minutes late and that if they don’t get going, they’ll have their noses broken.

Eric followed Michael to the changing room, throwing the wet clothes away almost immediately. “And would you even go out with someone whom you know?” asked Michael again.

“I would, because that’s the easiest way to get laid. What else do you want to know? My preferred blood type?”

Michael’s mouth formed into a grin. “Well, I’d love to, but I already know you love only me and only my body fluids.”

“I could make a tons of jokes about this one but I’ll save it for our sketches,” the blonde said, grabbing another top hat and a cane, and walked from the room, only to be stopped by Michael halfway to the screening place. “Okay now, but just one, alright?” Eric sighed.

Michael smiled victoriously and leaned in for a soft kiss.