Hiii ? I really enjoy going through your blog! I wanted to ask, if you could write me a longer imagine – something like a one-shot – with John Cleese in his Cambridge days?

Hello, thank you for your kind message! Of course I can; that’s what I enjoy and fancy doing. I hope you’ll like it!

That’s it; one of my last days at Cambridge, you thought as you stepped on the green grass of the university. You carried your books in your arms and grew happier with each step towards your classroom. You quite liked this place, but you never had the chance of getting to know many people.

At your last lecture of the day, you sat next to one lad, who got your attention thanks to his beard and green eyes. You didn’t remember him at any of your previous lectures, but you were certain that he majored in law and that was it. Doctors and lawyers were the most boring people you could ever get on with, but this one seemed like a “normal” one (that much of a normal, how you can at Cambridge get).

John was his name. John Cleese. At the lecture, you became friends pretty quickly, despite of his slight fear of women he told you later about, and he would occasionally nudge you in the arm to tell you a remark he had at the lecturer.

John had another class after yours ended, so you suggested to wait for him and then you would go back to his place and have a talk there. You liked this new chap of yours; he was kind, reserved in a way and a good listener. And to top that; he was quite the sixfooter! You even wondered, how could he sleep in a normal-sized bed…

You spent the time waiting for John by reading your favourite book. John came out of the classroom last and immediately searched for you. When you greeted him with a smile, he led you to his apartment not far from the school.

You walked five minutes, all while talking about the class you shared. John made various jokes about the teacher and then told you how he used to be a teacher, when he waited to begin his studies at Cam. You listened carefully, looking directly at him, so when he stopped in front of you, you had no chance to avoid a contact with his chest. He howled with his loud laugh and showed you the door to his flat.

John pointed at a small sofa in his living room and you sat down. “Do you want anything to drink?” he asked. You shook your head, so he just smiled and sat next to you.

You both talked and talked until the late evening. John told you about a comedy group Footlights and that he’s one of their major personalities. You guessed he loved a good laugh and while you told him about your passion for music, he scooped closer to you. It was quite flattering to see this tall man trying to stay close to you.

“I wonder why we haven’t met sooner. You seem like a jolly sort of person. And a lover of a farce… That’s a perfect combination,” you exclaimed and put your hand on his.

“Thank you, what a pleasure from a beautiful bird like you. I’d like to see you at one of our plays. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, even though the jokes aren’t always as funny as I think,” John confessed and stroke your hand with his thumb.

“If it’s you whom I’ll see, then my answer is yes!” you laughed. It was now when you realised that you both were awfully close to each other and his eyes shone brighter than any star you could see in the sky that evening.

John sighed. “I know we met only today, but… I have this strange feeling about you. Like I’ve know you for a year or two already.”

“It’s the same as me,” you agreed and placed your head on his shoulder. You stayed in this position a while with John stroking your hair.

“It may sound strange and I do understand, if you’re against the idea, but can I give you a kiss?” It would sound strange under any other circumstances, but this time, it was only you and John in his apartment. Your cheeks reddened as you nodded and when he gently placed his lips on yours, it almost seemed like they belonged together; like a missing piece of a puzzle.