There is a way to tell that your spirit animal is…

Terry Jones: energic, always positive, dissentious, perfectionist, grammar nazi, stubborn, a fan of history and language (or more focused on humanistic subjects), passionate about everything you do, a kid at heart, you love stupid and simple jokes

John Cleese: single-minded, disciplined, sometimes shy, realist, accountable, strict, interested in Maths and Physics, bossy in a way, manipulator, full of new ideas, you have dark sense of humour

Eric Idle: music lover, cheeky, loner, economical thinker, insecure about yourself, many friends – only a few true friends, subtle, can’t finish anything , puns are frequently used

Graham Chapman: crazy in a good way, chaotic, irresponsible, jovial, intellectual, you like to shock, a geezer, lazy, unreconciled with yourself, keen on dirty jokes

Michael Palin: nice, pleasant, pliant, a great friend, it’s difficult to say no , a gentleman, timid, easy to work with, you hold grudges, a tad loony, original, you love other cultures and smart jokes

Terry Gilliam: creative, imaginative, you feel like you don’t belong, a pessimist, misunderstood, full of unusual drafts, rigorous, a fighter, self-confident, hardworking, you love riddles